I can do anything!

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Do you remember the little girl or boy who would shout from the rooftops, “I’m king of the hill” unapologetically? For one moment, put aside the question of why that optimistic, confident, “I can do anything” believer became buried. Instead, go sing you song and trust that you are unique, special, and beautiful, and that you are valuable, with something to offer the world… and shout it out loud!

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Integrity is Paramount to Bitcoin’s Success

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I wrote the following on the Coingeek’s Craig Wright 2nd Interview comment area, but don’t know if it will be allowed by the moderator. I made a few minor corrections to the doc and added a few details.

If anyone would like to send satoshis because they gained something from reading it, I will graciously accept them. I did have $30 in bitcoin donated to me for the Vegas panel which seemed ironic. However, no amount of money can make up for the stress, loss of time, and loss of respect due to the disparagement, caused by Craig and those associated with him, that I have suffered for nearly 2 years.

I refused to do any interviews about my relationship with Craig, as well as refused to do a feature in a major publication. I also did not provide a defense to the trolls who said horrible things about me, causing my three grown children to beg me to abandon this project and those associated with it. I told my kids it was a family matter. Bitcoin has been my family, since 2011, for better, or for worse.

Bitcoin has not been an asset for me. It has not been an investment to add to my portfolio. It was insurance against being destitute because I made a decision when I was 12 years old that the State’s sole purpose is to destroy the individual, and I could not bear to live a life on those terms. I am not interested in seeking permission from anyone to keep the fruit of my labor or be granted partial ownership over that which I steward. Bitcoin is the first sign of hope that I have encountered in 37 years for anyone to be able to create, profit, own, and then leave a legacy behind that says, “I left the world better than I found it.” ~ M7 AKA Bitcoin Belle


I think, Craig, that people are interested not in your opinion, but rather in facts. You can say all sorts of things, and you and I both know that you do that quite well. But this is a community that requires facts and demonstrations of claims. Thus far, you are coming up short on both of these requirements.

Nick Szabo suggested that you write a paper on your claim that Bitcoin is Turing complete. He is someone who has provided a wealth of knowledge and leadership in computer science, economics, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency. You have not done so thus far, but instead, have garnered several people to collude with you in your claim that you are Satoshi Nakamoto without offering any verifiable proof. You also huff and puff about your accomplishments but the evidence of those is also lacking.

Vitalik Buterin made the point, while on stage with Gavin, that if something is true, it is most efficient to prove that in the most simple of terms, in response to your elaborate schemes. And yes, I call them schemes.

If you are interested in being a man of character and integrity, you have some explaining and apologizing to do. To me. I may be a mouthy broad, but nobody can accuse me of lacking integrity, nor using people for my gain and at their expense. I gave no interviews and in no way profited from my private 6 months of near daily communication with you. I am the only one to have interacted with you who can say that.

So whether in character or in deed, you have shown yourself to be a swine at best. Obviously not cured.

Bitcoin Belle AKA M7 AKA Michele Seven

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Oops, I did it again…

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As citizens, we have an obligation to disobey bad laws. As humans, we have a duty to defend ourselves against the encroachment of those freedoms we enjoy that in no way impede another’s will, body or property. I am all about being Human. Join me please by elevating yourself and in so doing, elevate the whole world.

Here is my letter to the judge who will be hearing my appeal in NJ on March 18, 2016.

Dear Judge Bauman:

Subject: Brief regarding MA# 16-007

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude at the extension for this brief to be submitted for your consideration. I read your response regarding the “under God” phrase debate and had to admit that I found it reasonable and fair, given the parameters. Your civility, restraint, and practical and non-violent solution was inspiring. Secondly, I must mention that Tyler has been refreshingly pleasant and uncommonly helpful, while maintaining professional courtesy and respect.

To begin, here is a recap of the events that caused me to be charged with “use of cel phone while driving”, “no reg”, and “no ins” for which I was found Guilty on all charges:
Officer Balmer had stopped a white Range Rover on White Street cop #1approximately 30 yards from the intersection of White and Maple at a few minutes before 8 pm which was dusk in July. At the time that he did this, I was in traffic moving through the intersection; the Dodge 2500 Megacab I was driving was the fourth car behind his. Where he parked, as you can see from the photo that I took (the cause for my initial stop), he was blocking traffic in such a way that made it unsafe for oncoming traffic, those leaving both the School of Rock parking lot and the movie theater lot, as well as people entering from Maple, and pedestrians. (The school closes at 8 which means there are about fifteen cars that are trying to exit at that time. Yes, I know this as I was a student there. That does not even include those traveling at that very high traffic time on a summer evening.) If you look at the photo, you can see a car going around his as he is reaching into his vehicle. You can also see that there is a car behind him, also crossing a double yellow line into oncoming traffic, in order to get around him. I was stopped in the Dodge while the confusion sorted out, with the front end in the crosswalk and the remainder of the very large truck in the intersection. Vehicles were unable to safely enter from Maple, even though they had a green light. (Several minutes had passed before the car directly behind the cop’s had gone around him; confusion was on all sides.) When I saw a woman, standing at the edge of the crosswalk, with a grip on each of her children’s hands, look to me to tell her whether it was safe to go, I thought it best to photograph what I was seeing. My reasoning was that I would approach the police chief with what I considered to be a poor policy that caused unnecessary traffic congestion, as well as anxiety. If that brought no policy change, then I would go to the media as I am a reporter for Free Talk Live, CopBlock, Cop Watch and a blogger whose writings are picked up by mainstream media. (The camera has become the best defense against police overreach, which is by all measure at dangerous levels.) So while I was exercising my 1st Amendment right as well as being a good citizen, for which NJ law makes allowances and even encourages with the “See something, say something” slogans and statute exceptions, the cop responded as though I had done something illegal, which I hadn’t. He just didn’t like me photographing him. The only people who don’t like being photographed doing their job, that I know of, are people who are ashamed or who are doing something wrong. Well…and hackers.

He claimed that he approached me as I was supposedly holding a phone in front of my face distracting me. The judge refused to consider that the camera was the size of a rear view mirror and therefore could not possibly be obstructing my view. Further, the cop didn’t approach me; I was parked in the street but rather as I passed him motioned at me to pull over. I stopped, rolled down my window and told him that I would pull into the lot so I wasn’t in the way of traffic, to which he responded that I would stop exactly where he told me, “in front of the car” driven by the woman he was citing. I did. When he was finished, he approached me and told me to move my truck out of traffic. When I pointed out that I was closer to the curb than both he and the person whom he had stopped, he said he didn’t care and that he could arrest me. So I moved approximately to where I had said I would go, in the first place. By this time, I had flipped the Android to film and proceeded to record him for approximately 20 minutes. I showed him the paperwork I had, gave him my driver’s license, and listened to him discuss, with dispatch, whether the vehicle was registered, with him asking three times for clarification, even after he had been told that “yes, it is registered”. I also recorded how the stop was an impediment to those trying to travel safely on White.

The fact that the judge refused to believe that I was photographing, for the purpose of sharing the information as a public good, was not so worrisome to me, because he is very old in technology years and cameras weren’t available for filming during his active career as a judge. He even claimed that in his 30 years on the bench, “the first time in [his] life”, had he heard of someone taking a picture of a cop for the purpose of demonstrating that a cop was doing something unsafe. (He is truly beyond his expiration date on the bench.) But him acting as the prosecutor was upsetting, as well as his obvious disregard for the law, legal precedent, and dare I say, a level of civility which is most common to even the most base of people. Referring to my trial as a “game” was demeaning to the bench even to one who holds the supposed justice system in low regard. The constant condescension, hyperbole, and threats of contempt and jail were all bullying tactics. I expect better from someone who expects me to stand for him and address him as “Your Honor”.

Even I was surprised though when the judge blatantly ignored the law, where the statute expressly permits “the use of either hand to activate, deactivate, or initiate a function of the telephone”, with the camera being a function of a Samsung Galaxy (a brand of Android). Further, he refused to consider State v. Malone, 2011 WL 2582730 where The Appellate Division, reading the statute as a whole, concluded that a motorist can use one hand to activate, deactivate, or initiate a function of the telephone, but once engaged in the conversation, the use of the telephone must be “without the use of either hand.” I was at no time using the Samsung Galaxy as a telephone, nor was I engaged in a conversation on it. So I see absolutely no cause for a guilty verdict regarding that charge.

One might argue that because I did not have the 4 x 6 registration card, or the credit card-size insurance cards that I was somehow in breach of the law, if in fact that is what the Court said was the issue. But that is not what I am accused of. I am accused of failure to exhibit registration and insurance. The paperwork which I showed Balmer, at the time of the stop had official letterhead and included all the information that is on the “cards” and then some, as well as corroborated my reason for not having the cards. The judge handily led the witness who lied, under oath, about not seeing it, (Tracy seemed to leave that part out of the transcription, as well as a few other details, but I have already shown her to be a liar, so I won’t digress). It was this paperwork that was kept in the vehicle while waiting for the official cards. I tried to show the government mistakes that had led to the problem in court, in between being interrupted, abused, and threatened, but as I am completely unaccustomed to people who treat people so disrespectfully, I was flustered to say the least.

(Incidentally, there were several mistakes made along the way beyond the administrative mistakes by Montana DMV, as well as Geico; I even have a letter that Cathleen Gerber wrote at my request, admitting there had been clerical errors regarding my summons for which an improper arrest warrant was issued…twice! I believe you have been made aware of the many mistakes made by others, as well, for which I seem to be the only one inconvenienced. Well me and everyone who depends on me and who doesn’t work for the State.)

To be clear, I was not driving while using a cel phone device; I was stopped. I was using the cel phone device as a camera which is non-talking/texting application of the device. That charge ought to have already been dismissed. Strangely, the judge dismissed a charge against a woman, just before me, who had been using her device as a GPS as well as a charge against a woman who came after me, who had told me, everyone in line around us, and the prosecutor that she WAS guilty, and had been “caught red-handed talking on the phone”. The judge proved himself to be biased against the one person who he has admittedly come across to dare proclaim their innocence. He further did not require the cop to prove a single thing for which I was accused- so much for “innocent until proven guilty”.

As for the other two charges, I was a “free-to-travel” activist for over a decade and in five states, prior to visiting New Jersey. Nobody, in their right mind, would say that one is guilty of insurance and vehicle registration laws because they lack the correct size paper. That is absurd! And even if I did NOT show the cop the paperwork I had at the time of the stop, which I did, the judge was made aware that I was both driving a registered vehicle and possessed insurance for it, at the time. Had he been reasonable and exercising blindness to his own biases, he would have dismissed it, in keeping with the spirit of the law which is to supposedly protect people against theft, or damage to body or property, and compensation option in the event of such an occurrence.

I have included two photos for you. The one is the initial photo that I took and referenced and the second is from where I sat waiting for Balmer to finish up with the traffic stop he was in the midst of when I photographed him. You can see in the second photo that he at least closed his door. I guess I did provide some helpful influence over him.

In summation, I have had $300 donated for my appeal, which went to the State and a lying, incompetent transcriber. I bothered with all of this, after sitting in a courtroom, watching 10s of thousands of dollars collected from people for cell phone usage, who do not have the time or money to appeal and fight this horrendous statute, that serves no purpose, other than to generate revenue for the State. To be honest, I had this hopeful delusion that Judge Himelman would actually nullify the law. That used to be a thing, back in the day, when the courts served a purpose beyond punishing and fine collecting.

Michele Seven
Cc: MDoOuteiro@mcponj.org


I would love the company of some freedom-minded people. 🙂




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I joined the #proofofworkout challenge for 3 reasons:

Firstly, I believe that Bitcoin is fun as a disruptive technology regardless of price and have said so since 2011. Sadly, there has been a  pressure on businesses to surrender to KYC (Know Your Customer) and other govt regulatory impingements, as well as a demonization of the individual bitcoin user, so a transfer from collaborative, innovative mischief-making to combative, win-lose narcissism- so inbred within the corporatist collusionary tactics of the last 100 years in money, that “fun” has been squelched. When Pua Pyland, AKA The Bitcoin Wife, left the community, that should have been a signal to all.

InstaSize_2015_4 _ 157973 Secondly, Emily Vaughn, along with helper Victoria van Eyk, represent, in this project, what I think is an essential component of any healthy ecosystem and that is simply put: support. It has become a thankless job to be a nurturer and encourager- a job typically assumed by the more feminine mind- no, I did not say “women” so chill. As Western Society has become more entrenched in socialistic, and dare I say “feminist” ideals, what once was considered a valued and essential partnership (think Abigail Adams) has been relegated to mere cheer-leading: bopping heads and short skirts- a quality easily dismissed as silly and superfluous. These ladies, along with so many of the others I know in the Bitcoin community, will bust their ass to make you look good and succeed in your endeavors. My advice: appreciate these ladies for the intelligent, encouraging, and gentle touch they bring to what could easily become a colorless and uninspiring atmosphere, where a race to create by linear, structure builders and the accompanying opportunists who are as present as sharks circling fresh meat, will cause us all to miss out on the most intimate aspect of our existence- human interaction.

Thirdly, to coin a term I first heard Paul Snow use: “Bitcoin is a force for good”. (Did you see what I did there? I gave credit to someone else. Hint, hint.) I saw #ProofOfWorkout as a way to bring some attention to a couple who are inneed- Eddie and AprilPartlows. @DmNYC is in contact with them mostly and can help share their story better than I. In short, despite being handed a world of hurt, this couple has stuck together and is a constant source of encouragement to all those they meet, demonstrating what I consider a truism: being broke does not mean you are poor.

I have therefore donated my winnings to them via Changetip and will be giving them this $100 Gyft card for Nike that I won. So thank YOU, Emily, and #ProofofWorkout, for the opportunity to help me make a difference in the lives of others.

A New Spin on “More Christ”

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To My Dear Friend Derrick J,

With the aroma of savory foods wafting from my kitchen, infused with the scent of pine-needled, Christmas decorations, I found myself thinking of you this morning. If you were here, we would be having so much fun cooking, sprucing, baking, singing, and dancing together while we make everything pretty. My thoughts were interrupted by Aziza who read aloud a Facebook post of yours declaring your distaste for all things “Christmas”. Since I know how much you love a grand soiree, I am convinced your disdain is for the overwhelming reminder that you are an atheist living in a Judeo-Christian stronghold. Please allow me to dispel a few notions and focus on what we know to be true.

Let’s cast aside the fact that neither can you prove that God does not exist nor can I prove that He does. For to make my points, it is not necessary to consider God or the Christ but rather the man, Jesus, about whom there are countless historical references and who, for all intents and purposes, is “the reason for the season”.

What we know for certain about Jesus, the man, is that he was crucified for the treasonous act of denying the divinity of Caesar- you know the guy who Jesus refused to exact taxes for from his disciples…For that reason alone, he deserves respect. He said “No” exercising his humanity, refusing to bow even to the point of death. But he didn’t just die. He was beaten, scorned, laughed at, spit upon, forced to carry the weapon which would kill him, and still, there is not one account of him retaliating verbally or physically nor attempting to blame anyone, demonstrating fierce manliness and a refusal to be a victim. Bravo, he is at least a god of a man!

Could you or I do that, my sweet friend? I would like to think that my principles are the essence of my being and therefore intrinsically woven in a way that I would cease to exist without them. However, I really do not want to ever be challenged to that degree. You have certainly been confronted by the State and know firsthand the hate and thievery that comprises it. Like him, you were accused unjustly. And that sucks!

So what did this man say that was so horrible to cause the religious leaders and statists to murder him? Well lotsa stuff. But what I find to be universally applicable and certainly a threat to those who would promulgate the need for force are the Two Laws he claimed summed up all the rest: Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; love your neighbor as yourself. I claim that these laws sufficiently and universally apply to all. For those who believe in God, great, you’ve heard it before. But for you, darling, if there is no God, then that means that You are the most all-knowing, all-powerful being of YOUR life in which case, yes, loving yourself perfectly is your job and then…see law #2. And YOU know why this is such a threat: Love conquers fear and without fear, darkness has no power to control. Love is the answer to all of the interesting questions.

As you stroll about catching a tune from a Christmas carol, remember what you share in common with the man for whom it was written- a fierce and determined love of humanity and an unwillingness to bow to the State as your God. Also, it is not Jesus, the Christ, or even Christians who you are angry with but rather the statists, in collusion with the corporatists, who use the memorial of the event to control the masses- you know, the ones we are trying to free.

I have mad love for you!

Forever Your Flame Dame,


My Bitcoin Video Faves

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I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2011 while living in New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project and co-hosting on Free Talk Live. Although my discretionary monies were confiscated  by the CA Tax Franchise Board and my trading account levied by the I Ruin Souls gang, which precluded me from purchasing Bitcoin, tips and gifts drew me into the marketplace earlier than otherwise would have been possible. So, despite thieves shutting down my ability to transact as I had for two decades, providing jobs and blessings with the fruit of my labor voluntarily, patience and staying-the-course rewarded me.

Bitcoin has enabled me to be productive in a way that the political system, that is intertwined with the USD would otherwise deprive me of, to the loss of not only the robbers I refuse to pay, but also those who benefit from my willingness to conduct commerce and trade. In other words, the doers. And it is just the beginning. The very beginning. Cryptocurrency is the most exciting, revolutionary, and important contribution I have witnessed in the 34 years I’ve been an advocate for freedom.

The following are my current favorite videos, and along with Satoshi Nakamoto’s love letter are what I recommend to people who want to understand what I consider to be the highest potential for Bitcoin- the ownership of the fruit of one’s labor.

1)  Bitcoin Crash Course with Andreas Antonopoulos @aantonop

2) How Bitcoin Will End the Nation State @jeffreyatucker


3) Roger Ver “The Bitcoin Jesus”;s 1000 BTC Bet Made Good @rogerkver

4) Jeff Berwick

And then there is this which I just love… Definitive History of Bitcoin

Hostess Gifts to Melt Me

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macaron 2I adore these delightful pastries made of eggs, sugars, and almonds! They come in a variety of flavors and coordinating colors- pistachio and lemon are my current favorites. And how fun to be the recipient of such a thoughtful gesture as a variety box of these confections. Opening the baker’s box to find an assortment of specifically chosen treats tells me what the gifter thinks of me much like a particular flower offers a certain message.

So for those of you traveling to other’s homes for the holidays or attending holiday parties, I suggest choosing a selection of these yummies. Create a visual display of color like a box of ornaments and choose those flavors that tell your host that you notice their preferences- chocolate and mocha versus fruit-flavored, for example. And remember, hostess gifts are just that- gifts for the hostess or host. They are not meant to be shared with guests but rather enjoyed at her or his discretion…maybe while cleaning up after you’ve gone along with a cup of tea. Each bite is sure to bring up fond memories of your visit and an invitation back!

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Wake up Darling

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You know those dreams you have from which you desperately do not want to wake? Imagine if that was just your brain showing you what life could be like if only you would wake up and do whatever it is that you’re dreaming. What if what it is that distinguishes you from others who seem to reach out effortlessly and take hold of that fruit and take a big bite is simply that you refuse to believe that it’s possible? That somehow you are stuck in this false conception that sleeping is for dreaming and waking is just living without dreams. Picture. Plan. Pursue. Persist. Persevere. Play.


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Fall But Not Falling

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Good morning. Fall is frantically and fiercely upon us. Jewel-tone foliage has created a kaleidoscope of images to remind of change. I am uncertain if it is the autumn season and my body’s natural inclination to settle in, or that now, doing the same things, in the same place, for nearly a year, my mind and spirit have had a chance to catch up to my body and I’ve found my groove. I wonder if this means that I will be moving again soon.

I watched a movie last night that had an incredible monologue. It was as eloquent and poignant as it was philosophically sound. The character played by Ruben Blades  delivers a deathblow as he weaves us through the tragic truth that we create our realities. He says that when we come upon a crossroad, the decisions that led us there were made long before and cannot be undone; our ability to accept our reality determines the next one. I say “tragic” because in the case to which I’m referring, unfathomable and inescapable pain is about to engulf one who cannot avoid the consequences of the choices he made. Though a victim, his choices dictated the reality in which he was victimized. There was another choice with another crossroad in another reality not created.


However, as with the changing seasons, the ebb and flow of tides, the cycles of the moon, the molting of the snake, we are meant to grow, transition, decay, and then be re-born anew, only stronger, more resilient, fuller so that we too can have more foliage and thereby more jewel tones. Only, unlike all of nature, humans have the distinction of being able to decide when that change will occur and thereby create a reality that will direct toward a certain crossroad different from the one we would have arrived at with different choices. It is very anti-fate. (Unless of course you are Freud who believed it didn’t matter what you did because in the end we all get fucked by our moms.)

Whereas the protagonist in the The Counselor was faced with a self-imposed dilemma dictated by his own unchecked greed, we, as individuals, have the opportunity minute-to-minute, day-to-day, season-to-season, really, decision-to-decision to make those choices that will create win-win realities. It is very difficult however. Or at least it is for me. I don’t naturally do the right thing for myself, nor even the most well-thought-out thing. Or I haven’t in the past. And that has led to many an unwanted crossroads. I’m highly emotional and have often been very reactive. Flexible and balanced from all the adjusting and readjusting, however, I’m lacking roots and stability.


But one thing is certain and that is that I change. As the minute passes, the next one begins, and so do I. Sometimes, many times, that change has involved moving. Shedding one life for another. And with the decision to move, I created a certain reality for myself. And in all of those realities, there were unavoidable crossroads. Hmm…I wonder if I stopped wandering, where would I be? Not unchanged but maybe unmoved.




Caste Crass

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A week ago, my adult-aged daughter told me about a new series on Showtime that has me hooked. Masters of Sex. Set in the 50’s right smack in the “good old days”, the settings are reminiscent of Happy Days with sweet Mrs. Cunningham, Lucy, the perfect, albeit nutty wife of Ricky, and of course, the Beave’s mom, when ladies never go out without their lipstick, hat, and gloves. And if you recall, husbands and wives slept in separate beds. (Note: the Flintstones were the first TV couple to share a bed.)

Masters is the name of the OBGyn who, along with his female assistant, set out to scientifically quantify the orgasm experience for women- a feat not so easily done when sex for pleasure was basically verboten and women were knocked out during childbirth after being “put away” once they’d begun to “show”. It is a fascinating subject considering it was only 60 years ago and women have had the ability to climax since the dawn of man. Freud is referenced in one episode when a clip of him is shown where he claims that a clitoral orgasm is a result of an undeveloped mind. Ha! If that were the case, we’d all want to be stupid, I can assure you!

The significance for me is the timing as well as the obvious titillating subject matter that can quite honestly suffice to get things warm as I have been working on a book which I will title, “Why Be Equal When You Can Be Better?” I loathe feminists who claim they want equality, expending countless hours on breaking the glass ceiling while over 70% of their sisters in India use moon cups courtesy of MIT or torn rags to tend to their menstruation hygiene.  As is indicated in the storyline of the show, a female must start with basic ownership over her own vagina in order to be a woman. So for you so-called feminists out there, send the ladies some tampons, pads, and a vibrator.

Ironically, there is a commercial airing in India that has caused quite a stir. See for yourself how the opportunity to not be regarded as used goods, according to a jeweler trying to widen the net of potential customers, has the whole country talking…or well, maybe the 12% who have access to hygiene products anyway. The rest of the women still can’t even mention their vagina since it is a profane word. And yes it is barbaric…but only one generation behind the United States. At least it isn’t as bad as Sudan where women are “circumcised” (they’re clitoris is removed) so they do not succumb to the natural urge to be a whore.


bouquet garni

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A handy dandy way of keeping your teeth margins free of those pesky green remnants, a mouthful of the culinary masterpiece you have sent down the pipes left behind to cause you embarrassment, or for a reminder to floss is by using a bouquet garni in your soups and sauces. Just wrap up those fresh sprigs in some cheesecloth, and tie with some hemp, crush a bit to release the flavors and then pop into your pot to extract easily later. Voila!


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