Hostess Gifts to Melt Me

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macaron 2I adore these delightful pastries made of eggs, sugars, and almonds! They come in a variety of flavors and coordinating colors- pistachio and lemon are my current favorites. And how fun to be the recipient of such a thoughtful gesture as a variety box of these confections. Opening the baker’s box to find an assortment of specifically chosen treats tells me what the gifter thinks of me much like a particular flower offers a certain message.

So for those of you traveling to other’s homes for the holidays or attending holiday parties, I suggest choosing a selection of these yummies. Create a visual display of color like a box of ornaments and choose those flavors that tell your host that you notice their preferences- chocolate and mocha versus fruit-flavored, for example. And remember, hostess gifts are just that- gifts for the hostess or host. They are not meant to be shared with guests but rather enjoyed at her or his discretion…maybe while cleaning up after you’ve gone along with a cup of tea. Each bite is sure to bring up fond memories of your visit and an invitation back!

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