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I am closing up the day on my 45th birthday and beginning the rest of my life. How fun is that?

Fun is indeed an important and intrinsic aspect of my life. For the last 21 years, that fun has been intricately woven with what defined me and that, in short, was my motherhood. And although I am still a mother of three amazing and beautiful children, they are nearly completely independent and so the time has come for me to begin a new career. New is scary. It is also exciting. It is my intention to make it fun.

Welcome to the whiteboard of my mind where I am going to share ideas, putting them “out there” so that I can make sense of them. A place where I can share experiences in the hopes of helping others avoid mistakes I’ve made. A filtering agent for me to sift out the good ideas from the rest and hopefully develop something lasting in the way of writing. Authorship provides a sense of immortality after all.

Thanks to my three beauties who have been so supportive of my writing. (I will find a more eloquent way of saying that later.) And thanks to the one we have all adopted who has been so patient with me and my near Luddite-like lack of technological luster, Derrick J whom you can find at Peacenewsnow.com. They’ve been the wind beneath my wings in so many ways, helping me to be the change I want to see in the world.


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First comment. WIN!!!


Heh, Grandma Vicki and Judy Kuri commented first padawan! You just got approved first. 😉 Thanks for checking it out sugar. Now I feel liberated to talk about you on here.


Hey Michelle! Looked for you on FB to wish you a Happy Birthday…but you were gone! But I found you here! Great stuff! Much luck on your NEW career! That’s what I like about life…there’s always the possibility of re-inventing yourself if you wish. Much luck with all your ventures and adventures. And of course a very Happy Birthday! Judy


Thanks Judy! I do believe that your birthday is around the 9th, or so, if I remember correctly. So Happy Birthday to you, too, pretty lady!


How do you do?

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