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I love Lumosity! In addition to it being a fabulous way for me to procrastinate in the morning, it has amazingly reawakened my brain function! In just a month, I have balanced my problem solving ability with my attention and focus. No small feat, mind you.

Since entering my 40’s, I had found that my thought processes had become rather sluggish. Misplacing my keys, forgetting little things, or finding it hard to recall a word that ought to have poised at the tip-of-my-tongue and then leaped off had become the norm; I actually considered that I may be losing my mind. Alas, I have learned that it is common, that I do not have Alzheimer’s nor dementia, and that I am treatable.

Routine, lack of mental challenges in conjunction with an abundance of emotional stresses, lack of exercise and stimulation, and diet all are contributors to the slowing down and degenerating of the brain. The good news is that it is all fixable. Meditating, or in my case, breathing on purpose, exercising, and eating a clean diet were not the problem. But being a single mom of teenagers, having an illness, and living morally in a society that mistakes what is lawful for what is moral, have all contributed to a nearly overwhelming stress load; and doing basically the same thing every day for years certainly offered no new challenges. With less than 30 minutes a day devoted to these brain exercises, I have rebalanced myself which has helped in ways I had not even imagined: emotional coping, relationship-building, and self-governance. Amazing!

More to come on the issue of mental health and brain function. In the meantime, there is a free trial that you can check out. I would love to hear from you regarding your own struggles and successes. Until then, I will be twirling to the 80’s hit “Maniac” but singing “Brainiac” instead.

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