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I am celebrating my 45th birthday by going to Las Vegas where I will be attending a screenwriters’ summit. It is my hope that, in addition to getting some much-needed Vitamin D and playing some cards, the conference will catapult me into my next career. Sounds fabulous, no? So what is the problem? Well…the problem is the State.

29 years of driver’s licenses and I’ve never had one revoked or suspended due to crimes with a victim. I have never caused loss of property or injury to another with my vehicles nor while driving. And yet, I’ve had my license suspended several times. And it is always for the same thing…failure to comply: I don’t register my vehicles. But that is a different story. What is important to this one is that because I was convicted of driving an unregistered vehicle, I was prohibited from renewing my license the other day. And since it expires on my birthday, I will be attempting to return without a valid, government-issued ID.

In near tears, I told my kids that maybe I should just cancel the trip. But oh no! Where there is a will, there is a way! It was just a matter of finding a solution, which I have. If TSA will not allow me to board my Jet Blue flight that I paid full price for with an upgrade for extra leg room for my dwarf-size body, I will walk. These wide feet and “sturdy” legs will carry me from Vegas to the east coast. What a story that will be! And if the government agency which forces me to pay for its services even though I don’t want them does allow me to return to my family, I will chalk it up to being lucky. My name is “Seven” after all.

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Still wondering if you made it home all right? Still thinking… Was a blast, with you and Freddy at Pieros. OK..Still wondering..Michael.. Sorry I missed breakfast…


Heh! I missed it too. So hung over. What an interesting fellow he was. Thanks for the company. And yes, I made it home. Well, I made a home. Keep in touch! M



I tried to contact you on Facebook to wish you a happy birthday and thought I had found you – but what I found was an Italian Michele Seven – male – who lives in Italy. He accepted my friend request and wrote back “Thank you, Vicky, although it’s not my birthday. I love you, too, a kiss from Italy”. I figured it out this morning and haven’t stopped laughing yet! Judy found your website! Fabulous! I’m going to read it all. And, it sounds like you have had a lovely, fun birthday! And our Faisal is a dancer!! I’m so proud!! What are Aziza and Omar doing? Happy belated Birthday, Michele….love you,


Nice! That is one of the funniest FB stories I’ve heard.

I love you, too, Vicki.


How do you do?

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