Spoons Kill People…Ban Spoons!

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Obesity is the greatest health risk in the US today. Spoons feed people. Therefore if we get rid of all of the spoons, there will cease to be an obesity problem. That is the logic that is used to rationalize the banning of guns. Maybe all you want to do is limit the size of guns…well then only get rid of tablespoons…more food can fit on them than teaspoons.

Murder is tragic and diabolical. Getting rid of a tool will not eliminate tragedy or evil. And in the case of the horrifying event at Sandy Hook Elementary, the use of a gun pointed at Adam Lanza by one of those teachers or school personnel would have saved lives. It is not the tool, but the user that was the problem. The only sure way to get rid of murder is to get rid of people…or get rid of evil.

With all that said, my heart grieves for the families and friends, as well as the survivors who will live with that experience the rest of their lives. My thoughts and prayers are also with the father and brother who was also the son to the murdered mother. God help us.


By: M7

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