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gen y 2Occasionally I feel compelled to comment on Bloomberg’s articles although given his propensity toward the very things that I am against, I am always amazed when my posts remain. Today was no exception. After reading an article about the poor Gen Y’s who at age 33 are having to downsize from their near million dollar salaries to a mere lower 6 figures while curtailing their spending which is making the chances that they’ll be able to afford children unlikely, I wrote the following:

“I am of the X Generation with siblings 10 and 15 years younger than I. Whereas I rode a bike to-and-from work until I had saved enough money to buy a ’72 VW Bug at age 18, my siblings were given cars by my dad who also paid for them to go to college…and he is still paying their phone bill, as far as I know…The entitlements of the “Me Generation” were fostered by people who’s own parents started the ball rolling with the 16th Amendment (Sorry, but income tax has made slaves of everyone regardless of color…), the Social Security Act, and the corporatism defining the current US economy and propelled by incessant war and a litigious society. There was a slight chance if Ron Paul had been elected…Not because he could really do anything besides pardon the non-violent criminals, end the wars, and reverse fascist executive orders, but rather it would be an indication of a nation willing to accept personal responsibility and live with gumption and verve instead of soft gooey centers that resemble the now defunct Hostess cakes upon which they grew up while watching TV and playing video games instead of doing now-illegal lemonade stands and playing kick-the-can.”

What hope do I have for my younger siblings and my own children? To begin with, the human spirit overcomes; they are healthy; and they are creative. Independence and self-reliance are ingrained to some extent even if it hasn’t been practiced. To quote a woman from the article: “As it is, all of my possessions still fit in the back of my truck,” she says. “I can pack it in a couple hours, pick up the trailer and horses and move anywhere the gas tank will take me at the drop of a hat. What can the system take away from you when you have that kind of freedom?” She nailed it! “What can the system take”…Once people have caught onto the fact that the system is designed to take, I imagine that these same people who are currently feeling the pain of their own handicapped upbringing will revolt against the very system the previous generations created, all in the name of altruism and a safety net, and a resurgence of strength, resilience and self-reliance will re-emerge.

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