You’re Sorry? That’s It…Just…Sorry?

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I actually found my “Hope Meter” stimulated today. But then…How can someone be so close and yet so far as Ezra Klein, columnist for His article was far too long; it ought to have ended when he started at “I’m sorry.” But then…He had to keep going, making excuse after excuse for his decisions instead of doing what ought to follow an apology- if it’s sincere: make an offer of remedy and then follow-up with it. You can find his piece from today, the first day of spring, here- Bloomberg.

And time will tell whether Bloomberg will allow the following comment which I submitted moments ago.

“I’m sorry” was the only independent thought the columnist expressed, both in terms of past decision-making and current analysis. Did it occur to him, I wonder, if opposing the war on principle, in the first place, was the correct position? Or is he sorry because the outcome was not satisfactory to him? What about the fact that Iraq did NOT initiate force against the US, nor did Saddam Hussein order an attack against the US? If you are a statist who believes you and others need a leader, behavior controllers, and a legal system to assist in collecting revenue that the theft of other’s labor is not sufficient to cover for the cost of all this dominating, oppressing, warring, and thieving, then you are responsible: the fact is YOU PAID FOR IT!!! And as long as YOU keep paying for this crap, the more crap you are going to get. If you are truly sorry buddy, why don’t you go apologize to the mothers of all those people you killed, if they themselves are not dead. And what about Bradly Manning who is looking at a traitor conviction and life in prison for trying to show YOU the truth? You wanna write a letter and ask your readers to write to have him immediately released and with full back pay and a nice little severance for the inconvenience of being tortured and incarcerated unjustly these last few years? Or, are you just gonna SAY you’re sorry but not take any personal responsibility? That does seem to be the theme of your generation.

Do you need police to regulate your behavior with your neighbors? Do you need someone in the car with you if you give a co-worker a ride because you would otherwise rape her? If you damage someone’s property, will you leave a note, or do you need someone to force you to provide remedy? Yes, there will be anomalies, but so are Tsunamis, Earthquakes, and Tornadoes. We still go to the beach, live on fault lines, and have homes in the south. If you answered “No, of course not,” to those questions, please ask your self (back to independent thought) why you need a government? It is archaic! 500 years from now, my descendants will look back at this period and see relatively no difference between the feudal manors and 20th century nationalism.

Great you are sorry. Now grow a pair, sack up, and be a man, instead of a whiny boy. Make your mistake mean something by doing it so much better! Ask forgiveness and seek to provide remedy. But at YOUR expense…don’t go voting to have other’s robbed to assuage your guilt. That is ever so last century. AND help eradicate the state by competing with it. Agorism and mutual aid are the moral options. Be your own hero! STOP letting others think for you, make decisions on your behalf without your consent, and cause you to be guilty of murder, theft, and abuse.

And that’s all I have to say about that right now. Peace!

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