When I was a little girl, what I remember first wanting was to be a mommy. I was barely not a girl any longer when my prayer was answered, and my dream came true. Now nearly 21 years later, I have three gems, two of whom are treasure hunting, captaining their own ships, and the third soon to set out on his own adventure. That means that I am free to find a new career and with it, new experiences, joys, and frustrations. How exciting!

The second thing I wanted to do was be a writer. It isn’t like riding a bike for me; I have hopped on from time-to-time but for a variety of reasons, some reasonable, some not, I’ve hopped off. Each time, I get a little scuffed up and feel like I have to start over. This time, I am going to keep pedaling until I can ride a wheelie. And you get to watch me fall off, get back on, and maybe laugh and cheer. Hopefully, you will share with me your hopes and dreams, as well, and what you are doing to make them come true.

I think one can be an author and not be a writer. To me, “writer” seems to me a label someone else has to bestow upon another. I was a mother before anyone else proclaimed it. But there was a special feeling attached to being called “ma ma”, “momma” and “mommy” and that is something only someone else can give. So to be able to tell a story by way of the written word makes me an author, but someday, I would like to be called “Writer”. Yep, that is what’s next.

As you can see, I like to play dress-up. That is my daughter, Aziza, and me costumed as fairies, Lily Rosebud and Queen of the Flower Fairies…When asked what his family was like, Omar answered, “My family is about food.” I agree…It’s also been about play, with Faisal as our reminder to take time to smell the flowers. So it is with imagination and excitement that I have lived and look forward to new possibilities, sharing my adventures with you.

~Michele Seven, The Twirling Dervish
Life is sweet so drink ’til your thirst is quenched and soul satisfied.

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