Lies Lie Waiting

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You don’t mean to. Neither do they. Neither do I. And yet we do. We all do. We all lie. So if we all lie, we are all lied to.

Lies come in all sorts of forms. One lies to escape trouble. One lies to make another feel better. One lies to defraud another. So are all lies not equal? If they are not, why are those actions not given a different label? I suppose they are in a way. My dad used to tell us these grand tales and he called them “Whoppers” and we loved it. Being pulled into a story that is so largely fantastic that it cannot possibly be true, but with just enough plausibility that it could be, only to discover that it is not, just at the moment we had fallen for it was great fun. But was he lying? There is also the proverbial “white lie” which is a grade of seriousness just above a “fib” which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a childish lie”. But how does something being “white” make it less grave than not and aren’t all untruths childish?

And what about those lies that we tell  because we want so desperately for something to be true? As a loved one, teammate, fellow soldier, or even stranger lies (as in horizontally) bleeding and broken, do we not tell them, “Hang in there; you are going to be okay” even when they clearly are not? And would we not be appalled by someone who would dare say, “No, dude, you are going to be dead in a matter of minutes”? And do we not tell our young son or daughter that they sang beautifully even though they were off-pitch, out-of-tune, and flat? He or she has just stepped off of a stage they were terrified to walk onto and performed a solo that sucked, but they came off smiling, exuberant, and proud. Think Little Miss Sunshine. To lie is to tell a falsehood and to basically trick someone which by most accounts would be considered wrong and unjust. But in that circumstance, would it not be more wrong to say, “Oh honey, you were terrible and those people are only clapping to be nice. You lack vocal talent and your singing hurts my ears and grates on my nerves”?

When you are stopped by a cop and he or she asks, “Do you know why I stopped you?” it is incumbent upon you to say “No” for the very reason that under the United States Constitution, the state is required to prove your guilt, even though you know darned well that you were traveling 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. The allowance that is made is the 5th Amendment which states that you do not have to incriminate yourself. So in that case, you have an “out”. But what about when your four-year-old is standing at the edge of the family room in her cute little footsy pajamas and says “Hi Mommy” with a mouthful of cookie and yet categorically denies having retrieved cookies from the cookie jar? The evidence is covering her tongue with chocolate smears on her fingers so you know that she is lying. Do you feel wronged in the same way as you would if you found your spouse had dabbled in a different sort of cookie jar and then denied it even though the lipstick is on the collar or the used condom stuck to the heel of her shoe? Of course not, but they are both lies. There is therefore something greater at stake than being given false information.

Sometimes we lie without even knowing it. Information is insufficient or we are not privy to it but we make a declaration of fact only to learn later that we were incorrect. Are we responsible for speaking a lie in that case? Lawyers try to litigate that and provide outs by including “I know the above to be true to the best of my knowledge.” Well isn’t that convenient considering we have no ability to prove what is inside someone’s head?

These lies that lie waiting like snakes in the grass can sometimes bite us and other times let us continue on without recourse. But there is one person who always knows. And to that person you are accountable. You are accountable to yourself.  When Polonius says to his departing son, “To thine own self be true,” he is not telling him to never lie, but instead to always watch out for his own self-interest and thereby be better positioned to assist in the needs of others. That is hardly the deontological version of ethical theory that I so proudly have ascribed to, however, there is wisdom there. This oracle is contrary to  the lesson of Pinocchio whose nose grew on account of his lying but who was rewarded, not for untelling his lies, but by saving his father at the expense of himself. Once again, there is something greater at play. And still, we lie in bed at night and sometimes fall asleep thinking of lying.




Mayday for May Day

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One of my fondest memories involves what I had understood “May Day” to be about as a grade-school-age little girl with terribly romantic notions about everything. My younger brother and I, along with one of the neighbor boys we’d corralled into helping us, wrapped flowers that we’d picked in cones of newspaper and left them on neighbor’s doorsteps. We would then ring the doorbell and scamper off to a hiding place from whence we’d sheltered ourselves on previous occasions of naughtiness, only this time it was to see the surprised and delighted expressions on the wrinkly, old faces.

We left the floral arrangements for a few neighbors, like the Stewart’s who owned the sports shop because Mr. Stewart fixed our flats and Mrs. Stewart baked, and, of course, our moms. The rest went to the old people in the neighborhood who, on every other day would be possible victims of our obnoxious ding dong ditching or loud and rambunctious kick-the-canning. This day was special. For us, it was a truce of sorts. Even the old lady living on the corner, who everyone was certain was a witch, received a conical of camellias. It was not comparable in gravity to the Christmas Truce of 1914  but it was similar, relatively speaking, considering we were wild things.

So today, nearly 40 years later, I noticed the date and basked in a moment of nostalgia. I was prompted to search out the history of the tradition and hoped to find some sort of similar activity going on with cute photos of young children. Oops! Instead, I found pages and pages of political protests and worker’s union riots, along with the accompanying violence from the state. And not just here in the US, but all over the world. Further down the page, there was also a reference to the international distress call for radio and telephone. How interesting that there are such conflicting associations with the first day of the fifth month.

Life was not so Rockwellesque or Mayberryish for my family. There was addiction, abuse, divorce, step-parents, more step-parents, economic difficulties, etc. But so it was with everyone else also. In addition, there was the Vietnam War, heat waves, gas shortages, and a major recession. There was no escaping hardship then and there isn’t now. But what there was then that there doesn’t seem to be much of a semblance of now is civility and sweetness.

There are still parades, apple pickings, derbies, and science fairs, but they are just not the same. Parades require gates for the on-lookers to stand behind and will soon involve some sort of anti-terrorist screening with bomb squads on hand; apple pickings no longer are prefaced with “Don’t eat too many apples because you will get a tummy ache” because the apples have all been sprayed and you cannot eat them until they’ve been cleaned of pesticides; and derbies and fairs have become a contest between parents, instead of the children, since no parent wants their kid to fail and see their success as a personal victory.

What has happened to us as a society? As a species? Because we are stewards of our children, our property, and our world, we need to get a grip. We are in distress and need to bail from this sinking ship. We must commit to doing it better. Rather than looking to government to implement the change that will create a more peaceful, romantic, abundant, and equatable life for all, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. Call a truce to the fighting, name-calling, blaming and bask in the pleasure of being human and capable of change and intention. Try giving someone a flower, literally or figuratively, and see the difference it can make.

To Be a Woman

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Women like Eliane Elias make being a woman look so good. Never mind that she is 53, she is sexier with her talent and sultriness at her age than any 20-something-year-old woman I can think of. Find your fire. Light it and let it be lit. Burning passion warms your soul and ignites those around you.


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Adults Who Bully

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Bullying in school has been quite the topic as of late. People can be so cruel. However, the most devastating abuse does not necessarily come from kids, but rather from adults. The same adults who educate, influence, and instruct kids. My experience was no exception. I recall one incident when a room mother actually said to me and in front of others that is was a good thing that I was so smart and such a good athlete because I was not pretty and nobody would ever want to date me. At forty-five, I can think back and feel sorry for that woman, but at the time and for years following, it devastated me. In fact, in actually altered the course of my life.

However even with my own experiences of bullying by adults, nothing prepared me to protect my own daughter or sons from the same. I guess it was because as children, we are often taught to respect our elders and therefore any non-agreeable reaction to their behavior is considered rebellion. But what damage they do to the tender hearts and minds. This topic has been hot on my family’s list of conversations for a few different reasons, but one thing is certain, the bullying done to my children by adults altered their behavior too.

As a beautiful and curvy young woman, Aziza’s exterior said only one thing according to the youth pastors of the different churches we attended. And despite being a teenager who actually enjoyed reading her Bible everyday, a person with tremendous faith, and one who practiced her religion by being merciful, kind, compassionate, and a help to everyone around her, what those men and women did was treat her like a temptress, and even blamed her for things that were clearly not her fault. I will never forget this one youth pastor at Calvary Chapel Truckee. He was such an idiot! He invited all of the teens to have a sleepover, boys in one area and the girls in another. He and his wife then went to bed. Duh! So when these kids sneaked out of their sleeping bags and started making out, Aziza was blamed. Only Aziza didn’t even attend. Why? Because I wasn’t going to put her in an impossible situation only to blame her for doing what any other healthy human would do. Sex is good and making out is fun. So how could she possibly have been blamed? He told me that it was her influence. And it didn’t stop there; it was so pervasive within the community that she was not allowed to participate in leading worship even though she had a 2 octave range, played piano/keyboard, and could read music. The girl who did sing with the worship team wore a purity ring, and the church leaders liked that external adornment. So much for not judging by appearances.

But most recently, what has me in a tizzy is the bullying being done to my youngest by a school staff member. According to the Anti-bullying policy, if this man was a student, his condescending, slanderous, and intimidating behavior would be criminal. But because he is an adult and a staff member, he is protected from such accusations and the punishment that would follow. He has worked at the high school long enough that people in their mid to late 20’s recall him and do so with contempt. So why keep him around? I think that it is because every team needs an enforcer and he is theirs. Sadly, whereas my daughter could simply stop going to church, which she did, in order to avoid the people bullying her, my son has to request permission from the state to remove himself from that environment. And how sad for him considering he, at seventeen years of age, actually asked if he could go to school. He was eager to join and be a part of the experience, which as a homeschooler, he felt he had missed out on. So despite having to enter as a 2nd semester freshman instead of a junior, he did so enthusiastically. It took less than six weeks for that man to smother that flame.

Bullying kills. Maybe not in the literal sense, but it certainly destroys hopes and dreams which I find far worse.

Gone Fishin’

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Wandering, while wishing, Jack-Sparrow-quotes-pirates-of-the-caribbean-33979762-372-400
I happened upon a man
Fishing for fish.
He called me a “dish”.

“What has you so pensive?”
He asked on the spot.
I confessed I was lost in thought,
tied up over “nots”.

“Not dating, not working,
and not sure if I want to,”
I said so distressed.

He laughed and said
“It’s only a test,”
and that I should rest.

Then He handed me a rope and said,
“Sparrow, be blessed.”

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Price Versus Cost

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To determine how much something costs today compared to yesteryear requires knowing more than just the price of the good or service as my children so astutely pointed out to their Grandma Minnie back in 2008. We were all sitting around the dining table enjoying breakfast and debating going to see a movie. My mom asked the price of movies and when I told her that tickets were nearly $10 a piece, she said one of the three things that she will forever be remembered for: “Oh goody!”, “Oh shit!”, or “Oh boy!”. It wasn’t “Oh goody.”

Thus began a discussion of economics which was fairly typical for us as value, frugality, and scarcity versus abundance were hot topics in our household. Grandma Minnie was spurned on to “tell us about how much it used to cost to go to the movies.” I can picture my mom, sitting to my right, meticulously cutting her breakfast meats and fruit, savoring a bite before delving into her anecdote. “When I was a girl, it cost a fella $.50 to take a gal to the movies and that was for a double feature,” she said matter-of-factly. I just loved that she automatically assumed a guy would be taking her and paying for the tickets. All three of my kids whistled and expressed amazement at how cheap it was compared to today. “And that included getting burgers and a coke,” she added.

Pensive Omar was then awarded a big gold star for being insightful, asking what one had to do to earn the $.50. And sure enough, Mom had an answer for that too. Growing up in Oregon where a typical job for a teenage boy was to pump gas- a service that was mandated by the state, but also included checking the tires, fluids, and washing the windows, unlike in present-day New Jersey where an attendant is likely to put gas in your Diesel (yes that happened to me) and think you strange to request a window cleaning. The attendants earned $.25 an hour plus a dime, or so, in tips. So one could exchange two hours of labor for a date with a gal where you could both eat, drink, and be entertained for nearly 4 hours. Compare that to today, when for basically the same job, one would have to work four times that amount to purchase even less.

Why is it that there is such a disparity between the cost of living and wages today versus 60 years ago? Quite simply…inflation. People complain about the government regulations such as minimum wage, workman’s comp, and insurance as if those things are responsible for the economic crisis plaguing the US economy, when, in fact, they don’t even make a dent compared to the out-of-control printing of money that has no backing, other than a promise of the US government to tax the workers to pay the interest on the debt.

And the irony is that the very people who the government is portending to help with all of the regulations and stimulus are the very people hurt by it. But what does it matter to Congress when they can and do vote themselves a standard-of-living wage increase while exempting themselves of the mandates with which they burden their constituents? The solution is to end the Federal Reserve, allow for competing currencies, abolish the subsidies (start with the banks!), and allow the market place to establish prices and values. Incidentally, a quarter ounce of weed cost the same today as it did 30 years ago…chew on that.


Authority, Uh-em, Personal Responsiblity

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A power to influence or command thought, or opinion, or behavior is Merriam Webster’s definition of “authority”. And I have absolutely no problem with the concept in, and of, itself. What I do take umbrage with is the presumption that any of you people can assign an agent or agency to exercise authority over me, without my consent. And I am quite certain that when it is put in such plain terms, most everyone else would take exception with that idea. So then why is it that people so willingly abdicate authority over their own lives and even worse, why do they feel the need to force their laziness and bullying behavior onto others?

Last night, I watched Parental Guidance, a surprisingly heartfelt and entertaining movie starring Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, and Marissa Tomei (my celebrity lesbian crush), as well as a guy whose name is lost on me, but who will forever be embedded in my mind as the darling drummer in That Thing You Do who liked snappy tunes. Using humor to poke fun and dare I say “ridicule” the contemporary mindset on parenting, Billy Crystal argues against the “everyone’s a winner” protocol that has oozed its way into sports and education, claiming that to eradicate competition undermines the opportunity for success…and failure- an intrinsic aspect of being human and having choice, or as I like to say “free will”.

Parallel to this concept of making everyone equal (notice that an authority has to impose that standard as people are not naturally equal in their abilities, talents, intellect, or capabilities) is the idea that judgment and discrimination are in direct contradiction to equality. Sadly, this paradigm has spilled over into all aspects of society to where people do not even judge their own behavior, nor do they exercise discretion but instead answer with “It’s all good”…even when it’s not. So what happens when you raise up a child to believe that reward is not directly related to production? You get adult-sized children who must seek a power outside of themselves to steer them in the direction they ought to go and who incorrectly presume that everyone else needs that also.

Third child, and redheaded demon-seed, Barker with his imaginary friend, Carl the Kangaroo, was a gorgeous illustration of parenting run amok, albeit with the best of intentions. The titian Tasmanian devil was rude, disrespectful, impatient, disobedient, and non-compliant, causing others to experience loss. What was so convenient was that Barker blamed every misdeed on Carl. What was so wonderfully demonstrated was the growing-up the young man did when he finally embraced the idea of personal responsibility and self-governance, killing Carl off, and burying his childish behavior. Amazing what can happen when a person says, “I am the captain of my ship.”

Can an authority, outside of yourself, cause you to be good? Can an authority, outside of yourself, cause you to create? Can an authority, outside of yourself, cause you to grow from child to adult in mindset and deed? Of course not! All that an authority, outside of yourself, can do is use force to punish, which does not provide goodness, creation, nor growth. Further, that “authority”, if imposed on a large segment of people, has to appeal to the lowest common denominator since people are not naturally equal in abilities, talents, intellect, and capabilities, as well as proclivity to adhere to what is noble, worthy, and stalwart.

And that has often been my contention in a courtroom: the State is beneath me, in every way, regarding the standard for my behavior and those for whom I am responsible. It is not because the State has said that I must send my child to school that I educated my children beyond the minimal requirements; it is not because the State says that I must not harm another that I leave everywhere I go better than I found it; it is not because the State says that I must contribute to a safety net that I help friends, family, and strangers with my resources. It is because I am the captain of my ship and I will my compass to point north.


All of this rambling leads me to my own parenting situation that has overwhelmed me in every way. I too have a third child. And he is a ball of sunshine shining on all those around him…as well as sometimes being quite the scorcher, particularly directing his fire upon me. Many times, I have been at my wit’s end, literally dropping to my knees in desperation because the situation seems to be fraught with failure. I have reached out for help to friends and family and have, for the most part, been ignored, with  a sad response prevailing: “Contact the authorities.” WHAT???? Who in God’s name is the authority over my child and what takes place in my home, if not me? I don’t have a husband or partner to share in the magnanimous role of parenting, so it’s on me. What could the “authorities” do anyway? Punish him. That’s it. But what can I do? I can persevere, do good, set an example worth emulating, create new options, find solutions, resolve conflict, as well as make sure the fridge and cupboards are stocked while he navigates his way from the remains of childishness to manhood.  After all, what I am growing is not a drone who must depend on another to direct his flight, but instead a bold, adventurous, daring person who will depend upon himself to steer his journey and who will exercise self-control, the indication of a mature and sentient being. So yes, I fail. But because I am a human being, endowed with free will, I get to choose to do it better next time and so does he…and so do you.






Let’s All Be Gay!

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Shocked, horrified, appalled, disgusted, dismayed, amused. So goes the cycle of my emotional responses to the cat-and-mouse game played between politicians and the citizenry whom they supposedly serve. And the latest point of contention is not whether the politicians ought to continue spending the taxpayers money for the interest on money borrowed from the Federal Reserve, nor is it regarding the half dozen wars going on in the name of the taxpayer, nor is it the fact that the trade controls implemented by the federal government has undermined the free-market principles upon which this grand experiment was predicated but rather whether, or not, consenting adults of the same sex can enter into a marriage union and receive all of the “benefits” granted to that special class of people who have chosen to unite themselves as a couple to the state. Don’t kid yourself…that is exactly what a civil ceremony does.

Prior to interracial marriage, the sacred union was a religious ceremony that united the couple, their families, and their properties. But once those colored people wanted to marry the uncolored people, well that required a whole set of guidelines, rules, and restrictions that only the government could establish, implement, and enforce. Imagine Andrew Jackson being told that he was not actually married to Rachel because he was “married” to someone else, or George Washington being told that he and Martha were living out of wedlock because he simply “took her home”? Were they any less married because they lacked a certificate granting them permission by the US government? Of course not! Oh wait! There wasn’t a United States government when George and Martha were married…but then again, he wasn’t the first president of the citizenry either, but that is another story.

So what is it that all of these gay and lesbian people want that has the politicians spending your money debating over? Before I address that question, let me back up and ask what it means to be “gay”. Does it mean that you have sex with people of the same gender? Is that the clarifying distinction? And if so, does the opposite hold true that a “straight” is someone who is having sex with people of the opposite gender? And if that is the case, does that make me “graight” because I am having sex with neither, or would I have to be having sex with both in which case maybe I am a “stray” for being sexless? Okay, so maybe this argument isn’t about where you put your fingers and phalluses after all…Maybe, it is a distraction enveloped in opportunity for the lobbyists/special interest groups, politicians, and to love

I hear gays decrying the government for not “allowing” them to love whom they want and yet nobody can stop you from having an emotion or acting on it. I hear straights lambasting gays for trying to destroy the institution of marriage as if the 50% divorce rate (of straight couples, mind you) wasn’t already sufficiently doing that. If John and Steve are a couple, how does them having a certificate that says it is “legal” for them to be together make their union any more meaningful or the marriage of Dan and Delores any less so? It doesn’t but the lobbyists/special interest groups, politicians, and media would have you think it does.

I do not believe the solution is to have the federal government or any state, county, city, or township create or enforce a law that grants marriage contracts. What I do believe is the solution is to remove government from marriage altogether. For one thing, I do not believe in polygamy…and yes, when you enter into a state-sanctioned marriage, you, as a couple, are joining together with the state as a third party. (Keep in mind that it becomes the final arbiter of the status of the relationship as well as the legal owner of all property, including children born into the union. Why else would the state be able to “grant” you custody? Hmm…)

If couples are already acknowledged as couples by their family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and merchants with whom they trade, what is the problem? The problem is entirely centered around the discrimination that the very same government, who is claiming authority over one’s marital status, has created: married couples get tax breaks, unmarried couples do not (Solution: eradicate taxes.); married couples have rights to will property to spouses, unmarried couples do not (Solution: eradicate government ownership of property.). Case closed, problems solved.

20 years ago, a gay man could not visit his lover dying of AIDS in a hospital; public outcry and the market changed those restrictions, not government intervention. Let that be a template for future change. And let the fact that the government will not “allow” public outcry and the market to determine change to serve as a warning to you that the government has overstepped its bounds and needs to be restrained, so that you and everyone you know can live according to their values and principles that guide them as individuals, so long as they do not use force or aggression against you. And last I checked, no amount of hanging with dykes and fags has turned me into one but my good taste, fashion sense, and appreciation for all things pretty has made me a certifiable Flame Dame who is a “graight stray”.




You’re Sorry? That’s It…Just…Sorry?

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I actually found my “Hope Meter” stimulated today. But then…How can someone be so close and yet so far as Ezra Klein, columnist for His article was far too long; it ought to have ended when he started at “I’m sorry.” But then…He had to keep going, making excuse after excuse for his decisions instead of doing what ought to follow an apology- if it’s sincere: make an offer of remedy and then follow-up with it. You can find his piece from today, the first day of spring, here- Bloomberg.

And time will tell whether Bloomberg will allow the following comment which I submitted moments ago.

“I’m sorry” was the only independent thought the columnist expressed, both in terms of past decision-making and current analysis. Did it occur to him, I wonder, if opposing the war on principle, in the first place, was the correct position? Or is he sorry because the outcome was not satisfactory to him? What about the fact that Iraq did NOT initiate force against the US, nor did Saddam Hussein order an attack against the US? If you are a statist who believes you and others need a leader, behavior controllers, and a legal system to assist in collecting revenue that the theft of other’s labor is not sufficient to cover for the cost of all this dominating, oppressing, warring, and thieving, then you are responsible: the fact is YOU PAID FOR IT!!! And as long as YOU keep paying for this crap, the more crap you are going to get. If you are truly sorry buddy, why don’t you go apologize to the mothers of all those people you killed, if they themselves are not dead. And what about Bradly Manning who is looking at a traitor conviction and life in prison for trying to show YOU the truth? You wanna write a letter and ask your readers to write to have him immediately released and with full back pay and a nice little severance for the inconvenience of being tortured and incarcerated unjustly these last few years? Or, are you just gonna SAY you’re sorry but not take any personal responsibility? That does seem to be the theme of your generation.

Do you need police to regulate your behavior with your neighbors? Do you need someone in the car with you if you give a co-worker a ride because you would otherwise rape her? If you damage someone’s property, will you leave a note, or do you need someone to force you to provide remedy? Yes, there will be anomalies, but so are Tsunamis, Earthquakes, and Tornadoes. We still go to the beach, live on fault lines, and have homes in the south. If you answered “No, of course not,” to those questions, please ask your self (back to independent thought) why you need a government? It is archaic! 500 years from now, my descendants will look back at this period and see relatively no difference between the feudal manors and 20th century nationalism.

Great you are sorry. Now grow a pair, sack up, and be a man, instead of a whiny boy. Make your mistake mean something by doing it so much better! Ask forgiveness and seek to provide remedy. But at YOUR expense…don’t go voting to have other’s robbed to assuage your guilt. That is ever so last century. AND help eradicate the state by competing with it. Agorism and mutual aid are the moral options. Be your own hero! STOP letting others think for you, make decisions on your behalf without your consent, and cause you to be guilty of murder, theft, and abuse.

And that’s all I have to say about that right now. Peace!

Beware of the Redheads!

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Aaahhhh, the allure of the redhead. We are everywhere and in hot demand. But as a young girl, being a redhead was a cause for ridicule, not adoration. So what changed? I’d like to think that I was part of that change. Yes, you heard it here folks..I was one of the 200 plus women who were part of the Redhead International Club that opened the doors to redheads being models, actors (other than, whores or comics), and the envy of all. What a sight we were walking through Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm, clad in white t-shirts and with the varied hues and wide age-range. I was the youngest at fifteen and the eldest was a ripe 35. Women were so desperate to prove the authenticity of their color that one woman pulled down her knickers and flashed her fanny.

Over the summer, there were several events, including a beauty pageant with the one and only “Ginger” as one of the judges. And other than the “flasher,” there was only one incident that was bizarre or “witchy” which took place between the two women who would be crowned winner and runner-up. Apparently, the one was accepting help from the other with her make-up and the temptation to mess it up was too much for the one who painted a big swathe of emerald green across the other’s face. 30 years later, I can still see the seething auburn beauty hissing before exploding. I always wondered if she won, not because of her incredible beauty, but because we were all terrified of her.

Other than the redhead dressed in a fetching red gown, parading her buxom bodaciousness as a fated captive on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, the most impactful use of redheadedness, to me, has been the following video by MIA. Whether you like her music, or not, the message is undeniable. And how clever of her to have used redheads who, according to scientists, are doomed to extinction by 2060, not by murder but by breeding. So whether Jews, Aborinines, or redheads, the segregation of one type of people by another for the purpose of extinction is immoral and when seen in such a harsh manner as the video, one can easily surmise that fact. The insightful step is to see how that bullish and forceful behavior translates into other oppressiveness by one group over another. Straights over gays, rich over poor, citizens over immigrants.

Rather than use force to influence your thoughts and ideals upon a person or a society, let what the Redheads International Club did be a template of how you can change hearts and minds through example rather than force, fraud, or coercion. It is moral; it is lasting; and it is peaceful.