Bachata Baby, I Want It.

In: Fit-n-Fab 40's

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Dancing is one thing that I can do to reach nirvana now, heaven-on-earth, effortless joy. The term “dancing on air” may refer to the sure-footed, graceful artistry of a Fred Astaire, but I believe it to be a state-of-mind. I have always loved dancing. Ballet, tap, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, hoofin, funk-in-the-trunk, booty-shakin boogie woogie- I love it all.

And then, there is partner dancing, specifically ballroom. I have taken group and private ballroom dance lessons in several places, in several cities, and for several reasons, but only once have I taken a bachata class. It was just over a year ago while I was in Florida for a holiday. I had never seen or heard of it before so I had no point of reference. The environment and coaching were both five stars, but sadly, I didn’t have the right dance partner so the experience was only a two for me. However, my interest was piqued.

Recently, I decided that I really need to meet people and get out a bit. What does one do if they are new to an area, work from home, and do not drink, in order to meet people once in their 40’s? Ballroom dance lessons are ideal in so many ways. So for me, it is a huge bonus since I adore dancing anyway. I am also competitive and like to challenge myself, learning new skills. So when asked what dances specifically I would like to work on, I scanned down the list with “yeah, yeah, nah, yeah, nah, sure” and then arrived at “other”. Hmm. Hmmm. Ah! I know…bachata!

It was just a thought. Considering I had never even watched a video of people dancing bachata, and my experience with it sort of a disappointment in the way that being on a deserted island complete with filtered water, a bountiful garden, and all the toys for awesome play only the person there with you is not a good fit, well, it has all of the potential, but no closure possibility. Sigh. But then, there is Google and YouTube and they delivered me this:                                                           http://: