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I joined the #proofofworkout challenge for 3 reasons:

Firstly, I believe that Bitcoin is fun as a disruptive technology regardless of price and have said so since 2011. Sadly, there has been a  pressure on businesses to surrender to KYC (Know Your Customer) and other govt regulatory impingements, as well as a demonization of the individual bitcoin user, so a transfer from collaborative, innovative mischief-making to combative, win-lose narcissism- so inbred within the corporatist collusionary tactics of the last 100 years in money, that “fun” has been squelched. When Pua Pyland, AKA The Bitcoin Wife, left the community, that should have been a signal to all.

InstaSize_2015_4 _ 157973 Secondly, Emily Vaughn, along with helper Victoria van Eyk, represent, in this project, what I think is an essential component of any healthy ecosystem and that is simply put: support. It has become a thankless job to be a nurturer and encourager- a job typically assumed by the more feminine mind- no, I did not say “women” so chill. As Western Society has become more entrenched in socialistic, and dare I say “feminist” ideals, what once was considered a valued and essential partnership (think Abigail Adams) has been relegated to mere cheer-leading: bopping heads and short skirts- a quality easily dismissed as silly and superfluous. These ladies, along with so many of the others I know in the Bitcoin community, will bust their ass to make you look good and succeed in your endeavors. My advice: appreciate these ladies for the intelligent, encouraging, and gentle touch they bring to what could easily become a colorless and uninspiring atmosphere, where a race to create by linear, structure builders and the accompanying opportunists who are as present as sharks circling fresh meat, will cause us all to miss out on the most intimate aspect of our existence- human interaction.

Thirdly, to coin a term I first heard Paul Snow use: “Bitcoin is a force for good”. (Did you see what I did there? I gave credit to someone else. Hint, hint.) I saw #ProofOfWorkout as a way to bring some attention to a couple who are inneed- Eddie and AprilPartlows. @DmNYC is in contact with them mostly and can help share their story better than I. In short, despite being handed a world of hurt, this couple has stuck together and is a constant source of encouragement to all those they meet, demonstrating what I consider a truism: being broke does not mean you are poor.

I have therefore donated my winnings to them via Changetip and will be giving them this $100 Gyft card for Nike that I won. So thank YOU, Emily, and #ProofofWorkout, for the opportunity to help me make a difference in the lives of others.