Throwback Thursday

In: Fit-n-Fab 40's

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I thought I’d pay homage to a gal pal whose Facebook posts included a Throwback Thursday music surprise that would delight me and is in fact one of the few things I miss about being on FB. But like so often, one thought morphed into another. Within only a few leaps, my mind stumbled upon yet another example of how different things are today than when I was a kid.

The song below was sung by a man who had a music revue show in the way of Sony and Cher, a rock-and-roll version of Lawrence Welk if anyone still recalls who that was. Anyway, the guy committed suicide- totally tragic. But that is not what gave me pause. Rather it is the title of the song that is loved by so many people of my generation, or well… a little older than I. “Candida”. Hmm…I wonder if there will be love songs written titled, “Herpes” or “Human Papilloma Virus” that people will dance to and remember fondly 20 years from now. Maybe someone can do a remake and title it “Christina” or some other three-syllable word that is not associated with disease…so no to Hillary, Margaret, Obama, and Pelosi, but maybe Diana.

In all seriousness, yeast in the body is a major contributor to cancer and all other auto-immune disorders. Mike Adams, AKA Health Ranger of NaturalNews gives a general overview if you aren’t aware of the pervasiveness of the fungal disease nor the inexpensive and available home remedies. Hint: Grandma knew what she was talking about with the garlic.