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I joined the #proofofworkout challenge for 3 reasons:

Firstly, I believe that Bitcoin is fun as a disruptive technology regardless of price and have said so since 2011. Sadly, there has been a  pressure on businesses to surrender to KYC (Know Your Customer) and other govt regulatory impingements, as well as a demonization of the individual bitcoin user, so a transfer from collaborative, innovative mischief-making to combative, win-lose narcissism- so inbred within the corporatist collusionary tactics of the last 100 years in money, that “fun” has been squelched. When Pua Pyland, AKA The Bitcoin Wife, left the community, that should have been a signal to all.

InstaSize_2015_4 _ 157973 Secondly, Emily Vaughn, along with helper Victoria van Eyk, represent, in this project, what I think is an essential component of any healthy ecosystem and that is simply put: support. It has become a thankless job to be a nurturer and encourager- a job typically assumed by the more feminine mind- no, I did not say “women” so chill. As Western Society has become more entrenched in socialistic, and dare I say “feminist” ideals, what once was considered a valued and essential partnership (think Abigail Adams) has been relegated to mere cheer-leading: bopping heads and short skirts- a quality easily dismissed as silly and superfluous. These ladies, along with so many of the others I know in the Bitcoin community, will bust their ass to make you look good and succeed in your endeavors. My advice: appreciate these ladies for the intelligent, encouraging, and gentle touch they bring to what could easily become a colorless and uninspiring atmosphere, where a race to create by linear, structure builders and the accompanying opportunists who are as present as sharks circling fresh meat, will cause us all to miss out on the most intimate aspect of our existence- human interaction.

Thirdly, to coin a term I first heard Paul Snow use: “Bitcoin is a force for good”. (Did you see what I did there? I gave credit to someone else. Hint, hint.) I saw #ProofOfWorkout as a way to bring some attention to a couple who are inneed- Eddie and AprilPartlows. @DmNYC is in contact with them mostly and can help share their story better than I. In short, despite being handed a world of hurt, this couple has stuck together and is a constant source of encouragement to all those they meet, demonstrating what I consider a truism: being broke does not mean you are poor.

I have therefore donated my winnings to them via Changetip and will be giving them this $100 Gyft card for Nike that I won. So thank YOU, Emily, and #ProofofWorkout, for the opportunity to help me make a difference in the lives of others.

How it Works People

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Over the last three decades, I’ve discussed the immorality of Government while sharing the message of voluntary agreements as the only moral option. Whenever I have found opposition, it is always in relation to three perceived problems: who will protect “us” from “them”; who will enforce contracts; and what about the needy. Answers include options such as private security, voluntary associations, mutual aid societies, etc. More often than not, the last one is what is most scoffed at…”Nobody is that generous”; “people will starve”; “it’s not fair” are some common responses. I contend that those are all lies perpetrated by the Government. Lies to convince you that you are a bad person who needs governing and that left to yourself, you would abandon all compassion and empathy for your fellow man, despite countless examples showing otherwise.

Jason King, in Pensacola Florida, is one example of someone who saw a problem and sought a remedy…but not at the expense of others without their consent, as the State would suggest is the only viable option. Sean’s Outpost is a homeless shelter for those who have come upon hard times for whatever reason and need help. Inspired by someone whom he met at his best friend’s funeral, he started the shelter and named it in Sean Dugas’ honor to memorialize him. More information on Jason and the use of Bitcoin to support his charity can be found at Bitcoinmagazine.com.

And most recently, Jason has come forth with the exciting news that Satoshi Forest, a property that was purchased via Bitcoin- the dreaded cyber currency that Michael Bloomfuck and the Federal Government cannot seem to eradicate from today’s savvier, soon-to-be Government-free society which will soon end the plight for some homeless people on this 9 acre parcel. Bravo Jason King! And welcome to B.I.T.C.H.E.S.

I Love Penn!

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Recently, a friend of mine gave me a bit of a ribbing for watching trash on the tele, or in my case, the laptop. I didn’t argue with him about our obvious difference of opinion on how I spend my time, but it did give me pause to reconsider why I like “Celebrity Apprentice”. After all, Mark Burnett’s reality TV has never been a fave of mine, and Donald Trump is such a buffoon, with the manners of a goat.

Initially, I watched it because a gal I knew from my layover in Nashville was one of the contestants. Sweet, quiet, and elegant Niki Taylor so outclassed Trump and his boardroom antics that I found it hard to suffer through the first show. But then, I adjusted my perspective and found myself cheering for all of the contestants who are there on their own time, battling it out for their charity of choice- most of which are near the celebrities’ hearts on account of personal experience. Brett Michaels, for example, diagnosed with  Type 1 diabetes as a child, made it to the finals, nearly dying from a brain hemorrhage, only to win over $250,000 from Snapple for The Diabetes Association. Good on him!

There is, of course, the melodrama of such characters as Gary Busey whose quotes are poetic and strangely insightful. I mean, who doesn’t love a guy who claims that “My dark side, my shadow, my lower companion is now in the back room blowing up balloons for kids’ parties,”? And some Housewives lady from Jersey turned over a table…I didn’t quite understand what that was about, but people cheered. Millions of dollars are raised through voluntary donations from people across the board, whether contributing five bucks for a slice of pie or hundreds of thousands. What excites me is that it is all voluntary. People are generous and compassionate.

Drawing from a pool of successful and creative talents, the contestants do some amazing projects. It is impressive to me to see how these celebrities, who have honed their crafts, can pull magic out of their hat to seamlessly problem-solve despite financial and time constraints. (Brett Michaels using a room service cart and some doo dads to build a camera dolly for a shot was very cool.) And speaking of pulling magic out of a hat, my favorite contestant has been Penn Jillette.

Penn competed a couple of seasons ago and was criticized by many for his seemingly arrogant and gruff manner, especially from finalist Clay Akin, whose delicate sensibilities were disrupted by Penn’s overbearing persona. He is back as a finalist against Trace Adkins this season, and though he is the same Penn, it is quite obvious that he adjusted his behavior, toning down his demeanor, in order to better get along with others. He even admitted to as much when asked by Trump if he’d done anything differently this season.

Penn is about dignity and that is demonstrated in his choice for charity- Opportunity Village. Started by Elvis Presley and Wayne Newton, it is an organization that trains people to do the jobs we hate to do, but which they love to do. His passion for it really shined as he took a moment to educate the fired contestants, who had been brought back to help him with his final project, about who started it and why. It pulled at the heartstrings to see this dispassionate, giant-of-a-man succumb to tears, wiping them away with a hanky as he shared his affection for the mentally challenged.

His commitment to self-control and self-government is further exemplified in the manner in which he speaks to and about others. Teamed up with Lisa Rinna until she was fired, the two of them were exemplary in how they refused to be reduced to catty name-calling or the blame-game with the other contestants. He even spoke up on her behalf when doing so may have caused him to be fired. Further, in a video podcast posted on Big Think, he claims that “One of the joys of [his] life is getting along with people [he] shouldn’t get along with.” That is demonstrated in how he conducts himself and is a testament to his commitment to self-control as the standard for human action.

I applaud Penn and I hope that he wins the game as he as so obviously has won the game of life. I am a devout Christian and Penn is a devout Atheist. And yet we both believe that restraining self is chief among the attributes we must constantly strive for as humans. The fruit of his life is love, charity, long-suffering, self-control, compassion, gentleness and perseverance from what I can see. From my perspective, that makes him a godly man. I wonder what he would say about that! And given that he opts for educating and building-up, rather than merely entitling as a means for enabling those with disabilities, he qualifies as a member of B.I.T.C.H.E.S!!!!