Why Christmas Red?

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Pungent fir wreaths, boughs of holly, intensely-colored poinsettias, spiral-striped, candy canes, and Christmas trees with apple-colored, decorative balls have all been part of my Christmas experience. I have often wondered why, but until now have not known the purpose of the use of red and green. I must say that I am amazed that the tradition was not taught to me, particularly since I was raised Catholic.

The Christmas tree decorated with red and white round balls apparently has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. Eastern Christians are said to have revered Adam and Eve as saints on December 24th as early as 1000 AD. Though the Catholic church did not embrace them as saints, Medieval Christians maintained the tradition, imparting the knowledge of the mystery story to illiterate believers through a reenactment that came to be known as the Paradise Play. An evergreen was used to symbolize the two trees in the Garden of Eden with red apples and white wafers being hung upon it to symbolize the fall of man and his redemption through the body of Christ. So, yes, there is Scriptural meaning, but not in regard to the birth of Jesus but rather His death and resurrection.

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