You Go Girl!

In: TNT (Think Nice Thoughts)

She is called the “Queen of YouTube” which I find peculiar since a queen is an inherited position, not one that is earned. Savvy, sassy, and astute, I’d say she is the Shakespeare of YouTube; her performances appeal to the bawdy, brawny, and brainy. In case you aren’t aware, she is known as Jenna Marbles, and I simply adore her. I am not alone- she has over a million subscribers, one of whom wrote the following:

I’m 9 million years older than Ms. Marbles. But her videos hooked me right from the start.

Depending on your age, gender, I.Q., and views about 21st Century America’s idiot culture, her online musings can be interpreted on multiple levels. To some fans, she’s simply the big sister they’d love to have. To others, she’s a hot chick without a filter. And to many, she’s actually an astute social subversive, cleverly disguised as a suburban stoner/bimbo.

That’s why her fans range from teenage girls to crusty retirees. And it’s why — provided she refuses to accept calls from Lorne Michaels — she probably has a very cool future ahead.

In an ABC interview on her billionth click, the interviewer makes fun of Jenna’s constant use of the word “ridiculous” when she describes aspects of her popularity and the on-line video content of her weekly videoblog to which Ms. Mourey replied, “Because it is.” (The poor gal only sees the bawdy. She is missing out.) I happen to agree with the subscriber quoted above. And then there are those parents out there who find her swearing to be inappropriate and want her vids removed from the internet. To them I say, “Go fuck yourselves!” (Heh, see the bawdy?)

What is tragically left out of the interview and lost on both complaining mothers and feminazis alike is that she does what she wants, when she wants, where she wants, and is able to be financially self-sufficient and independent while having fun. Yay her! I can only hope the same for myself and my children and anyone else for that matter. Speaking of children, thanks to my snarky girl, Aziza, for turning me on to Jenna’s channel.

Here are two of her videos, including her most recently published and then my person favorite of those I’ve seen. I recommend you not be drinking a beverage while viewing as you may spurt.