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A week ago, my adult-aged daughter told me about a new series on Showtime that has me hooked. Masters of Sex. Set in the 50’s right smack in the “good old days”, the settings are reminiscent of Happy Days with sweet Mrs. Cunningham, Lucy, the perfect, albeit nutty wife of Ricky, and of course, the Beave’s mom, when ladies never go out without their lipstick, hat, and gloves. And if you recall, husbands and wives slept in separate beds. (Note: the Flintstones were the first TV couple to share a bed.)

Masters is the name of the OBGyn who, along with his female assistant, set out to scientifically quantify the orgasm experience for women- a feat not so easily done when sex for pleasure was basically verboten and women were knocked out during childbirth after being “put away” once they’d begun to “show”. It is a fascinating subject considering it was only 60 years ago and women have had the ability to climax since the dawn of man. Freud is referenced in one episode when a clip of him is shown where he claims that a clitoral orgasm is a result of an undeveloped mind. Ha! If that were the case, we’d all want to be stupid, I can assure you!

The significance for me is the timing as well as the obvious titillating subject matter that can quite honestly suffice to get things warm as I have been working on a book which I will title, “Why Be Equal When You Can Be Better?” I loathe feminists who claim they want equality, expending countless hours on breaking the glass ceiling while over 70% of their sisters in India use moon cups courtesy of MIT or torn rags to tend to their menstruation hygiene.  As is indicated in the storyline of the show, a female must start with basic ownership over her own vagina in order to be a woman. So for you so-called feminists out there, send the ladies some tampons, pads, and a vibrator.

Ironically, there is a commercial airing in India that has caused quite a stir. See for yourself how the opportunity to not be regarded as used goods, according to a jeweler trying to widen the net of potential customers, has the whole country talking…or well, maybe the 12% who have access to hygiene products anyway. The rest of the women still can’t even mention their vagina since it is a profane word. And yes it is barbaric…but only one generation behind the United States. At least it isn’t as bad as Sudan where women are “circumcised” (they’re clitoris is removed) so they do not succumb to the natural urge to be a whore.