Texas “Red” Grapefruit

In: Rad Red

Grapefruit is so special that it invites a unique eating style. And the Texas Red Grapefruit is so special that I await its arrival with much anticipation. Of course it would have been known as “the forbidden fruit”…it’s red, juicy, delicate, sweet…kind of reminds me of a vagina. The irony that it would be the first patented fruit is not lost on me. As if one can own God’s creation…but that is a different discussion. Grapefruit invokes beautiful visions of home life to me. It seems appropriate actually…

429px-Forbidden_Fruit_TreeWaking up to the smell of bacon and coffee at my grandparents’ home is a vivid memory that is punctuated by the vision of the grapefruit half that was placed upon a smaller plate than the one that would soon be filled with my grandfather’s eggs, bacon, and toast. Perfectly toasted bread, slathered in butter, a hint of homemade jam to be dabbed on a corner before the crunch that came from his polio- affected mouth that had somehow made him even more handsome than he had been before.  At the time, I preferred melon season, but I could tell even as a young girl that the preparation of the meal and the way it was presented, then eaten, was a dance of respect between these two seemingly ancient people.

As went the morning ritual, except when the Ruby Reds came out. My Grandpa would then operate the toaster and butter slices while Grandma finished cooking so that they could sit down together before “the forbidden fruit”. The ritualistic dance had become a ceremony. I am not even sure if they were themselves aware of their change in protocol. But it was lovely and became a standard by which I would judge food and mealtime traditions. I wish they were still here for me to share with them the Texas Ruby Red which has become the ultimate grapefruit, the consumption of which delights my senses and fills me with nostalgia and inspiration.

All this because of an exceptional fruit…